My heart’s tuning fork…

How is it that a song you’ve heard dozens of times…a verse you’ve read before…a story you know by heart…can suddenly touch something in your spirit? Suddenly, without anything done on your part, you’re drawn into His throne room, seeing things you’ve only ever dreamed of before, knowing that your heart and your life is even now being changed, feeling the touch of your Maker and Restorer.

I am under the awe of that right now, yet again because of a song.

Those who have followed my blog for a while have probably noticed that learning to hear God’s voice has been a recurring theme for the last year and a half. If you read my makeover story, though, you’ll notice that this journey began eight years ago when I realized that God actually talked to me, amazing fact that this is!

In February of this year I posted that I was hearing His voice more than I ever have, and you’ll notice that this year was full of posts that touched on this.

But I never shared what God told me, and it wasn’t ’till today that He gave me the words that crystallized how this works in my life.

He told me that, if I wanted to hear and recognize His voice the way I claimed I wanted to, that I needed to get in His word more often. He pointed out how I recognized His voice more easily when I’d been His word more frequently. Yet when I allowed distractions to distance me from His word, my hearing grew dim as well.

And it’s true. I’ve seen it all year long. This past month, I have found myself in awe at how I am now hearing Him. I suppose that, after so many years of begging, I’d begun to wonder if my request would ever be granted.

But it’s so simple. Just as most musicians need something that holds a perfect key to tune their instruments to, so my heart needs something to tune it. Only then will it know what it’s listening for.

I am sure that this is different for everyone. I’ve known Christians who could easily recognize God’s voice from the time they first got saved, while many others who accepted salvation as children have the same struggle I have.

All I know is that Jesus is, once again, my answer. For He is the Word of God, and that Word is my heart’s tuning fork.

And that is why this song has touched my soul today. It’s on the same CD as the last song I posted. The words start out:

Standing here, in Your presence
Thinking of the good things You have done
Waiting here, patiently
Just to hear Your still small voice again

…and my heart sings because I am learning just how precious that is…precious enough to invest my time to gain.

And then the music changes, and the keyboardist in me recognizes that the notes that are played here are inspired. They portray the simple power and beauty of that still small voice. And the words change to the awe-inspired acknowledgment of who this God is who speaks to us of mysteries and truth and beauty and power and of everything that is Him:

Faithful to the end
Redeemer and Friend

The chorus is quite simple:

I will worship You for who You are
I will worship You for who You are
I will worship You for who You are

And the bridge:

My soul secure
Your promise sure
Your love endures

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I will worship You for who You are…

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