Group post, please…

I’ve been stumbling over this next installment in my little Love Languages series for the last month.

The next language is Acts of Service. I feel like this should be easy for me, since this is essentially what this blog is all about, yet I keep pulling it out and trying to get somewhere…and ending up nowhere!

Obviously, the biggest thing that Jesus did for us is that He came to earth and died. Yet…we all are so “used” to that idea, that I want to break it down. I want to discover and illustrate more detailed and specific things that He’s done for us…things that we all-too-often forget were a part of what He came to do.

So tell me, please…what specific acts of service has God shown you that He’s done for you? They can be things things that are in the Bible, or they can be things in your own life.

What can you share?

2 thoughts on “Group post, please…”

  1. Just getting to your posts. 🙂 Haven't opened my Reader in ages. I'm glad you found something (and I'll go read it too), but I will offer a few things.

    I am not an Acts of Service person, yet I find this love language everywhere in the Scriptures. God is forever doing things for us. Providing the ram for Abraham. The oil for the widow. The strength for Sampson. The wisdom for Solomon. It's not only the miracles He does for us, but the everyday strength He gives us to do what we are really incapable of doing on our own. God made Himself everything to baby Israel. And He never ceased in that responsibility (which He continues with us now.) "I led you, I fed you, I covered you, I cared for you, I fought for you, I provided for you, I nourished you, I blessed you … you wanted for nothing at My hand." I see this everywhere. When the Holy Spirit came … as the song says, "mercy came running … to the point of my need." The work Jesus did (which is the HUGE HUGE HUGE thing you've mentioned) paved the way for the Holy Spirit to do more, and be more to us, for us, and in us, than was ever possible before. In other words … all that He did for Israel … wasn't enough for Him. He wanted to do more. He wanted to surpass His own level of giving and service, and be our Helper on such a personal level that He could literally help us with every little thing we face in our day. Down to doing our hair and makeup or finding the one thing in our house that we just can't find anywhere. He is our Helper. And this, to me, is SO much about service.

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