My song this morning…

God often gives me a song in the morning–a special message from Him.

This morning, however, I had something a little more unusual happen. I woke up with verses running through my head. And not just the impressions of verses…full word-for-word verses…and some that I didn’t even know I had memorized well enough for my half-asleep brain to rattle off. (Actually, it was probably the Holy Spirit’s memory working there, not mine.)

The verses were some of the most magnificent in the Bible, about the majesty of God and who He is and who Jesus is. I wish I could remember which verses they were! (Okay…obviously the credit for knowing those verses this morning doesn’t go to me.) All I remember is the last one:

He [Jesus] is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation. For by Him all things were created…all things have been created through Him and for Him. He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.

-Col. 1:15-17

And on the heals of that verse, the song, “Here I Am:”

Here I Am
by Downhere

Sometimes your calling, comes in dream
Sometimes it comes in the Spirit’s breeze
You reach for the deepest hope in me
And call out for the things of eternity
But I’m a man of dust and stains
You move in me so I can say…

Here I am, Lord send me
All of my life I make an offering
Here I am, Lord send me
Somehow my story is a part of your plan
Here I am

When setbacks and failures and upset plans
Test my faith and leave me with empty hands
Are You not the closest when it’s hardest to stand?
I know that You will finish what You began
And these broken parts You redeem
Become the song that I can sing…

Here I am, Lord send me
All of my life I make an offering
Here I am, Lord send me
Somehow my story is a part of your plan
Here I am

Overwhelmed by the thought of my weakness
And the fear that I’ll fail You in the end
In this mess, I’m just one of the pieces
I can’t put this together but You can

Here I am, Lord send me
I want to live my life as an offering
Here I am, Lord send me
Somehow my story is a part of your plan
So here I am…

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2 thoughts on “My song this morning…”

  1. I love hearing new songs… and the songs here promise to fill my heart with joy. But I need time to, just like you, do your posts justice, so I won’t listen hurriedly for now. I just wanted to drop by and say hello. Will be back later.

    Why the hurry? A few days old kitten was dropped by street kids outside my gate three days ago, and I decided to try and see if it will survive. I’ve fed it by dropper, but now I’m off to take it to the vet to see if there is anything else I need to do!

    See you again soon.

  2. Hi Katie,
    The kitten died today. It survived for five days. I had hoped for a miracle…

    I was able to view all your posts with the label SONGS.

    Sadly my computer connection is slow here, so I can’t listen to the songs. But the words are awesome, and the way God communicates to you through the songs!

    Many times He’s done that to me, too, so I can definitely relate.

    Blessings to you today.

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