Fire-breathing dragons are a common-enough fantasy creature, although I’m not sure how many people realize they’re Biblical.

But how about star-breathing God?

I challenge you to watch this clip (in two parts) from a Chris Tomlin concert. Chris Tomlin is a worship leader/singer/songwriter who wrote the songs “Indescribable” and “How Great Is Our God,” and in the beginning of this clip he introduces Louie Giglio.

Then tell me… does this change your perception of the God who loves you? Who gave up His glory to die for you?

Part 2:

Want more?

Part 3 moves from the largest things in the universe to the smallest… miracles inside your body.

Part 4 is a continuation… did you know that in Colossians 1:15-17, when Paul said that in Jesus all things hold together… that it was scientifically literal?

And Part 5 quickly winds it up.

So tell me… does this change your perspective of God?

3 thoughts on “Fire-breathing…”

  1. Wow, Katie. I finally got it all watched. That’s amazing. I had the general concept before (God’s amazing ability to make things enormously bigger than us, and infinitesimally smaller than us), but what a way to present it. Laminin was amazing. I love how God puts His fingerprints everywhere. If we suppose that God had a purpose for the shape of that laminin molecule from the moment He created it, then it means He knew the end from the beginning. The very beginning. He knew Adam would fall before He created Him. Which I knew … but it’s good to be reminded and really see it.

    Love you, Katie!

  2. Finally! Hasn’t anyone else watched it? Or is there someone out there who managed to watch the first two videos without going, “Wow!”

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