Today’s minor miracles…

My son is eight years old, and I have often wondered if God has given him a special gift of faith. All children have a tendency to hold onto a faith that is simpler and stronger than what we adults have… but my son’s stands out among my three children. We have watched God hold back the rain for his birthday… literally hold it back a mere couple hundred feet from the park that we were going to. We have seen a fire that had filled an entire block minutes before, dwindle enough to only send up a wisp of smoke. And we’ve seen many more smaller examples of God’s lovingkindness and willingness to grant my son’s simple requests.

Today’s examples might be seen as a bit humorous… but they struck me in an unusual way, because they included me.

The first instance regarded a lost calling card. I’ve been missing this card for weeks, and have looked all over for it. Today I tried calling Sprint to see if they could trace the card number or something, and received the definite answer that they could not. So, once again I repeated my plea, “Lord, can you please show me what I did with it?” I thought of the same places that I had looked before, tore through them again, and still no card.

Finally I went to my children in desperation. “Kids,” I said, “Mommy lost a little card that is worth a lot of money. Can you please ask Jesus to help me find it?” They nodded their heads, and I turned to walk into the kitchen.

Not one full minute later, it occurred to me to check my address book. I nearly discarded the idea, thinking that there’s no way it could be in there because it would have fallen out. But still, it wouldn’t hurt to check. So I opened the cupboard, reached for the address book… and out fell my calling card. The kids grinned real big, but didn’t think as much of it, as I did, that’s for sure!

Today’s second answered prayer happened a couple of hours later. I took the kids for a quick run to the fruit stand to get some fruits and vegetables. They usually sit in the car while I pick up my food and pay for it, and this time was no different. I wandered around the stand choosing what I needed, and made my way to where they had a bin of watermelons. They were seedless and a good price, and I thought of how long the kids had been asking for watermelon. So I picked one up and made my way to the register.

Finally I brought my bags to the car and asked the kids, as I put them in, “Guess what I got?”

“What?” they asked.


“Yeah!” they all squealed.

I got in the driver’s seat and put the car in reverse when my daughter spoke up, telling me that my son knew I was going to get watermelon.

“He did?” I asked. “How?”

“Because,” she answered. “When you got out of the car, he asked Jesus to make you get watermelon.”

He had indeed…

2 thoughts on “Today’s minor miracles…”

  1. That’s beautiful, Katie. Really beautiful. Sorry I missed this post (two days, where was I??). Thanks for sharing! Tell Ryan I said hi!

  2. WOW!!! I was laughing and screaming (quietly) all the way through this blog. I love the little miracles. That’s really cool about Ryan too, I prayed for him that the Lord will always be close to him and stregthen his faith. That’s so cool. I had a little miracle just two days ago in fact. I went into downtown Manama to visit a friend of mine named Mr Mohsin <"mow-sin">. He is the owner of a hardware store, and since I go there a lot has become a very good friend. I stayed there for about 4 hours drinking tea and talking. When I left, I pulled out of the parking space, which is directly on the street, and drove away. I immediately noticed that the truck was pulling hard to the right and that the whole thing was leaning to the right. I coudn’t stop on this busy narrow street, so I got to the next intersection, turned right and up ahead I saw a piece of pavement on the side of the road where I could pull off. This was the only spot around where I could pull off safely. I did, got out and walked around to look at the tire. I was completely flat and the weight of the truck was on the rim. Thoughts started racing through my head that I’m down in the souq at 6:30 in the middle of rush hour traffic, I don’t have the number to a tow truck, I don’t have any money on me, I’m stuck. Then I turned around and realized that I was standing in the front bay of a tire shop! (miracle#1) I thought “this is a pretty handy coinc…this is not a coincidence!” This is God’s provision and He’s showing me how much He loves me and likes to look out for me. I walked over into the shop where two indian guys were pounding away at a ball joint or something inside another guy’s car. One guy lookes at me with a look of desperation like “what can you possibly want! please don’t ask me for anything” I told him I had a flat tire and he explained in classic broken English that he had “No Time!” He grabbed the air hose and filled the tire back up. I could hear the air escaping and found a drywall screw embedded in the tire. The guy walked back in the shop with a few more “no time, no time”‘s and I realized that I wasn’t getting anymore help. All the other shops were closed or closing. I thought about my options and I really didn’t have any. I couldn’t leave the truck anywhere and come back for it, not in the souq, I didn’t have any money, I had to drive it home. I got in thinking, “alright drive fast, cut corners, grow wings, you’re driving on a deflating tire and who knows how long its going to hold out”. Right away my spirit heard the still small voice, “why don’t you trust me?” I remembered that when 5000+ people were hungry the food didn’t run out, when the widow needed oil, it didn’t run out, and that if I worshipped the same God, the air wouldn’t run out either. I decided to drive like I believed everything would be ok. It was packed rush hour traffic and took me over a half hour to get home, but when I pulled into my garage, I looked and the tire looked exactly like when I had gotten in! I had no problems driving at all! (miracle#2) Yay!
    The end

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