I will lift my eyes…

I’ve got another awesome song to share. Those of you who listen to Christian music radio all the time have probably already heard it, but for those who don’t… or who may have missed it anyway… or who may just be interested in reading everything that this song means to me… read on.

The song is from Bebo Norman, and here are the words to the chorus:

I will lift my eyes…to the Maker of the mountains I can’t climb
I will lift my eyes…to the Calmer of the oceans raging wild
I will lift my eyes…to the Healer of the hurt I hold inside
I will lift my eyes…lift my eyes… to You.

For me, this song is close to the perfect poetic and musical expression of the cry of my heart when I get “stuck.” It sums up both God’s power and the hope that His power offers us.

He IS the Maker of the universe… of the mountains that I love so well… and He’s also the One who allows mountains into my life. But He is so much bigger than every mountain of every kind, and He’s there, waiting for me to look to Him, rather than at the mountain like we so often do.

He’s the Calmer of the storms of life… those things that threaten to plow right over us and leave us in their wake. He’s there, if we’ll only look to Him rather than focus on the waves. He’s always there with His calming power, waiting for us to let Him choose whether to calm the storm around us or calm the storm within us while He carries us through.

And He is the only One that can heal the hurts that life always seems to stab us with… those that hurt us so badly that we hold them inside ourselves where they act like poison, eating away at us from the inside out. All too often we end up focusing on our pain… but He’s there, waiting for us to look up and beyond and outside of ourselves to Him so He can heal us from the inside out.

Lord, help us to remember that all we have to do is lift our eyes to You…

Listen to “I Will Lift My Eyes”:

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  1. Wow, another post! I almost used that song on my MySpace page. It was that or Nicole Nordeman’s. 🙂 Obviously the other one won. I thought of you immediately when I heard that song, though. I was so sure you would love it. But I figured you had already heard it. I love Bebo’s song “Disappear.” It’s not available for MySpace, so … But I love this song too. 🙂

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