God of all my dreams…

A short while back I was in the mood for a new praise and worship CD.

Now, for those lurkers on here who don’t know me, I am a worshiper… someone who thinks that there is nothing better in life than singing my heart out in worship to the God of all the universe, who just so happens to also be my best friend.*smiling here* It shouldn’t be surprising, then, to learn that the bulk of my music library is praise and worship music.

So I was browsing around online, and trying to find one with clips that made me think, “I’ve GOT to hear the rest of these songs!” The new Hillsongs CD “Mighty To Save” was coming out, but I was a bit disappointed with the last CD, and the clips for the new one weren’t grabbing my attention like I wished they did… like “Blessed” and “Hope” and “For All You’ve Done” and “You Are My World” did.

So, while I knew I’d get that one anyway, trusting that it would be better than the clips showed, I wanted to find something new.

I wandered over to Integrity’s website to see what they had, and they were featuring a new first-time release called “Living For You” from a church called Gateway Church in Dallas.

The write-up said that it’s one of the fastest growing churches in America, being huge already and only six years old and stuff like that, but, in all honesty, that doesn’t mean much to me. It almost makes me skeptical sometimes.

But it’s a fact that the only churches who have the ways and means to release live music CDs of any quality (musically) are usually big churches.

Sooo… I clicked on the links… and found one of the most powerful CDs that I’ve heard since Hillsong’s “For All You’ve Done” was recorded in 2004.

I could go on and on here about the songs on Living for You, and how much I like them (8 of the 13 songs on the CD I consider 5-star), but I wanted to share how the last song on the CD has ministered to me.

It’s called “Who You Are.” It plays with the power of an anthem, yet it’s so easy to learn that it only took two times through and I had most of it memorized. (Yes, I hit repeat as soon as it had finished playing it for the first time… and the second time… and the third time. Then I was anxious to go back to the beginning of the CD and hear the others again. *smile*)

This song just seems to release hope into my spirit when I listen to it and sing it.
The words to the chorus go like this: “Because of who You are I can live with hope Knowing that You’ll always be God of all my dreams Everything I want to be Is found in You.”

That phrase, “God of all my dreams” spoke to me so much.

It has a double meaning.

One meaning places God inside the dream, and one places Him outside of it… one meaning originates within us, and the other within God. Our part of it is to make God the God of our dreams… to keep our dreams for our future and for our children and our loved ones submitted to Him and His will… to make Him the center of our dreams.

BUT… oh the wonder of realizing that God is infinitely capable of making the dreams of our heart come true! He is so much bigger than our dreams. Though we should place Him inside the center of our dreams, He can’t be contained there. In fact, He holds our future and the realization of those dreams in the palm of His hand! In reality, all of this is nothing more than what Psalm 37:4 says, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” I guess it just ministered to me in a fresh way, coming through a song.

Here it is:

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  1. Listened to the clip! I do like it … I would say I would buy the CD, except I have only bought two CDs in the last …… 5 years, or so. I’m not really a CD buying person. I almost always just listen to the radio. I like the unpredictability of it, I think. 🙂 Although there are a few I would like to buy. Love you!

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