Everyday Miracles…

Everyday Miracles… that’s what my Mom called little things that happen in the daily lives of God’s children that would have probably happened differently if God hadn’t stepped in.

My Mom died last fall on September 10th… just five days before her 53rd birthday. While we were working on preparations for her memorial service we found that she had written a little book of testimonies and called it Everyday Miracles. She had then shared this book with a number of her friends… but she forgot to mention it to us! We were quite surprised, especially since she had said for years that she wanted to write a book!

We made copies of it available at her memorial service, and several dozen people asked for emailed versions of it, but all we knew how to do was send the Word document that Mom had formatted, and print off copies for Office Supply stores to ring-bind.

The requests for it kept slowly coming, however, so I started looking for some way to at least format it as an e-book. God provided by having someone tell me about Lulu, which is a self-publishing service.

So now I have the pleasure of sharing my Mom’s published book with the world. It has been fun – and somehow precious – to have been able to do this for her… to publish her book for her, since she never got the chance to do it.

So here is her little book… available as a free download or as a perfect-bound paperback at cost:

Everyday Miracles – by Karen McIver

Do you ever wonder if God really takes an interest in the daily lives of regular people? If so, then this little book is for you. Inside these pages, you will find 15 little stories of what the author calls Everyday Miracles. These are examples of how God does take an interest in the daily lives of His people… enough to reach down from Heaven and supernaturally alter circumstances.

Karen McIver was considered a miracle baby by doctors in 1954 when she became among the first to survive a Wilms’ tumor. She continually surpassed the expectations of doctors over her 53 years as she got married, bore and raised five children, and led a very full life. Perhaps this is why she was so able to see the small miracles that happen in the daily lives of those who have surrendered themselves to Jesus Christ. She called these happenings Everyday Miracles.

If you’d like to read the whole book, you can download it at:

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